The new music experience


Draw lines to create barriers, then drop a variety of shapes on those barriers to create sounds based on their physical properties. Circles, squares and triangles create melodies, while rectangles create percussive sounds, and all items are placed on a grid that impacts each object’s sound based on its location. The basic concept ofmusyc is as simple as that, and in fact I would rave about the app if that is all there was to it. But in fact there is much more.

Musyc allows for a myriad of granular edits and changes to the basic music created in the app. Everything from modulation, to advanced effects, to mixing can be accomplished simply using the interface provided in-app. And physical properties of the objects displayed on screen can also be edited for size, gravity and more. There are so many options, what initially seems like a simple app can suddenly become a little overwhelming. Fortunately, the beauty ofmusyc is that it can be as simple or as complex as it needs to be. Regardless of the approach taken, some interesting sounds and music are generated. Once complete, a song can be recorded within the app, then exported to dropbox, an itunes folder, soundcloud, audiocopy, or sent via email. Musyc is an app for everyone, and everyone will bring to it their own personal wealth of experience and their own perspective.