A puzzle adventure

Sparks – A puzzle adventure

“Visually stunning and intellectually challenging, Sparks is a game that appeals to all corners of your mind”


Set across futuristic landscapes, Sparks draws you in to a rolling adventure as you are called upon to save a tribe of mysterious creatures from the agony of perpetual day. Living in harmony from the beginning of time until their world suddenly stopped spinning, they now face a life without rest from which only you can save them. Light and day is all they know. They can’t think. They can’t stop.
Over the course of one hundred levels the game evolves into an epic challenge, an adventure with traps and hidden bonuses. Roll the cubes to solve the puzzles and bring back the night for our creatures. Restore their balance. End their insomnia.

• 3 chapters with over 100 challenging levels
• Highly innovative puzzle mechanics and tiles
• Great minimalistic soundtrack
• Compete with your friends
• Challenge yourself with gyroscope mode

Every level offers a cleverly constructed challenge. To complete a level you must roll each cube to its proper tile without falling off the edges. The test of your skill and intelligence lies in picking the right path and sequence. Complexity increases level after level as new magic tiles appear, each one behaving in a different way. Be careful not to fall into the unknown…

Producer: Marcus Bergren
Developer: Klas Kron
Art Director: Wiktor Persson
Illustrator: Kenny Lindström
3D Artist: Mattias Lindgren
Sound Design & Music: Jonas Eriksson